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focusing on getting t hings done


The nine prinicples of miamoto musashi.

" not think dishonestly

-the way is in training

- become acquinted with every arts

-know the way of all professions

-distinguish between gain and loss in wordly affairs

-develop an intuitive judgement and undestanding for everything

-percieve those things which cannot be seen

-pay attention even to triffles

-do nothing which is of no use."

4 tolec accords.

-impeccable speach. don't use your voice to poison other people's lives

-don't take things personally

-do not suppose

-do your best
. do what ever you do as if i was your last act on this earth."

In order to follow the path with a heart one should lead a disciplined life.
What does this mean?

Leading a disciplined life means:

Avoiding dishonest thoughts
use yuor thingking effectivly
paresse qui prend son oriine dans le mantal: shu bien je prefer m'e'tendre et revasser plus tot que de travailler mon path woth aheart
daydreamin should only e uengaed in in order to strenthen your daily life
avoid activities that are used to escape from reality /(drus alcohol)
rester discipline pou r surmonter les obstacles internes:
fuite du monde reel drogue,achats compulsifs,chercher a regler les proles des autres
peur de l<echec/reusite/critique
paroles impeccable
pas de supositions

strenghten your skills by practicieng yourself
Do not rely on what the expert says. try it out for yourself to see if it really works.
practice regularly with total focus.

embrace many art forms insdtead of only one
get to know may crafts and not only the one you practice yourself

see the advantages and inconveniences in everything
in return for solitude and no family i get total freedom
people thinking i'm crazy makes me see who my true friends are
financial hurdels force me to manage my money properly

trust and develop your intuition
mais pas faire de suppositions

what you can't see, get to know by instinct ????
natural drive black hole

pay attention to detail. cultivate perfection and precision
manque de riguer
tes un perfectioninst qui avance pas assez vite
dont be too hard on yourself, fais de ton mieux

Don't do anything you consider useless or a waste of time
your days are numbered. make every second of your life count.
if you are doing something you consider usefull but others see it as a waste of time, assume responsibility for your actions and keep on doing it.

Les gens qui se demarque et qui reussissent ont tendance a...:


".- se mette ne conrtact acvec un mentor qui favorise l"ouverture

- s'ecouter soi-meme

- persistance

- confience en soi

- auto promotion

- pensee divergente
(originalite idee inabituel, flexibilite dans las idees)

- joue comme un enfant

- critique detache

-lien empatique avec le createur?
-authenticite de loeuvre
- travail acharne sur 10 an


There is no competition

Competition does not bring out the best in people.
Competing with others only brings out those qualities and skills that you will need to be just ahead of the person you're competing against.

Competitions can be used by people in power to protect themselves from those who could undermine their authority.

If you compete against others one day you'll inevitably meet someone who you consider better than yourself. This leads to discouragement and is totally uneccessary and unproductive. you end up closing yourself off from knowledge that might allow you to improve your skills.if you find yourself constantly feeling resentful when one is better that you. maybe you should ask youself why.

Focus on what you're doing
Focus on giving it your best.
If you need to surpass someone to stay motivated, surpass yourself (apply miyamoto musashi's 9 principles metioned below).

Find success in the small steps you take everyday in order do come closer to your goal.

Find success in what you are doing right now.

"All winning is a process not an end in itself. As soon as you get out on your path, you're doing it. Each small step should feel like success."
- Barbara Sher

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