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Protecting yourself form "negative vibes".

eviter de deranger
comment refuser de donner son accord au senarios que les autres cherchent a nous imposer

no matter what it is you're working on
your project can be divided into 3 phases

phase 1
le travail seul:
discretion maximale
phase2 :
travail avec assistants
: discretion intermediaire
phase 3
on presente son travail au publique discretion mimimale

the time period where you do all the stuff you can do on your own. here discrettion should be very high. its the period at which your projet is most vulnerable.
other people can easyly discourage you with what they say.
others being envyous or jealous, will make things unesessaryliy diffivcult
in phase 1, Raymond Hull (book: how to get what you want)advice sounds best:
" be more discrete about your dream project. Revealing your intentions might attract the negative vibes of those who enjoy or find reassurance in seeing you fail.

Unfortunately, many people have a negative character, a destructive temperament. They take pleasure in criticizing you and discouraging you as soon as they know that you have taken you first steps towards positive action.

Sometimes your friends- even your best friends- with the best intentions in mind, try to distract you from what you have planed for yourself. If you want to lose weight, for example, they will say that its not necessary that they like you just the way you are, etc.
Some people will seem courteous and friendly. They don't discourage you when you're there. But they don't hesitate to criticize you and put you down, when you're not arround."There's no chance she'll succeed!" He's full of good intentions but the poor guy is to old to change now!"

When they don't destroy you verbally these people think about your projects and remain convinced that you will fail. They keep this idea in mind and stay on the lookout for any sing that will confirm their predictions.

Avoid the negative remarks of others. Give yourself more creative power. Stay discrete.

in phase1, talk to your project only to vey trustworthy friends. friends who stuck with you when the chips were down. or people who cheer for the underdog.

you can also talk with people who do wat youre to those who do what you do.
making a graphic novel? talk with people who make graphic novels.
making a cake? talk to backers not auto mechanics.
if people give you advice. but you feel the advice is inapropriate for what you are doing at this time, do not discard it yet.
the advice may come in handy during phase 2 or phase 3.

the time period where you get some helpful hand involved to get things done. here discrettion should be moderate. your projet is at this stage still vulnerable.
but the people who will help will be enthusiatic enough not to discourage only of your poject to trusworthy frioends.
here problems can arise with jack of all trade types and know it all.people who want to take charge of your project instead of following your directives. they tend to talk alot but dont get much done and try to get others to do the work for them.
try to set up your project so you can mannage without them.

if know it alls give you advice. but you feeel the advice is innapropriate for what you are doing at this time, do not discard it yet.
the adcvice may come in hsandy during phase 3.

the time period where you show your stuff in public. here discrettion is at a munimum. the disccretion her involves being polite when people are unfsarly critical tomwaht you are shoeing
here negative criticism can easyly discourage you. here it is important not to take things personnally(wtf!)

Even after having attained a certain amount of success, keep it to yourself. If you openly rejoice, you could be seen as being pretentious and arrogant. The jealous and envious will say: "maybe all is well now, but you will slip again, eventually" Things 'll get worse tomorrow."
in psase 3 give recognition and thanks to al who have helped you attain success

"aslong as you think you are the most important thing in the world you can not fully enjoy the world arround you. you are not superior or inferior
you are equal to all that not take yourself too seriously"

-DonJuan on loosing self-importance

Wait till others notice your success by themselves.

"In being discrete, you will reach your goals.
In being discrete, you will avoid criticism and negative comments
You will break free from the intentions of those "who only want the best for you" You will not fall prey to the negative thoughts of others.
You keep your creative powers intact.
Lets others discover your success.
Don't give any detail on the way you have succeeded. But, be ready to help those who come to you for guidance so that they too can succeed."
- Raymond Hull

so who can i talk to ? who can i trust?

talk to: old long time friends. people who are active creatively in your field.

want to talk about techno music? talk to people who are open to techno.
want to talk about MAKING music?talk to people who are open to talking about making musik
(some peopole enjoy the musik but dont like talking about making musk)

(show your music to musicians who are not envoius or jealous. dont show your music to sculpers who dont like techno)
trust your intuition

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The buddy system : teaming up for success

1- Your buddy expectes you to work on your dreams.
2- You give one another emotional support
3- You provide practical help for one another

The weekly buissness meeting.
Meet your buddy once a week. talk about what you've accomplished so far. Where you're at.

The 3 minute booster phone call.
Keep it short. If the yes but game emerges, don't try to solve the problem. Move into hard times mode. Once the stom has cleared, say: "Tell me what I can do to help you".


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