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Journey to Ixtlan
Don't do it yourself
dealing with
incomprehension (on comprend pas pour quio tu fais ca)

ibndifference(quand tu montres tes truques, ca laisse indifferent)se monter un fan base

mefiance(ta peur de te faire vollertes iddes et de vivre le cauchemanr de claude robinson le dire a voix haute donne limpression que tu est hautain snob pretentieux)
- once you ve chosen you path, your path will take you in all kinds of fascinating directions. directions you alone will understand. sometimes, the path will make you behave in ways that others will find odd or freaky.
welcome to the journey to ixtlan.

ixlan is not a place. it is a state of being that becomes stronger and stronger as you follow the path with a heart. unfortunately, those who don't folloew a path with a heart or who don't accept your path will understand you less and less. you will become in their eyes a freak. and they in turn will look more and more like disconnected zombies to you. along your way, you will on some occasion meet someone, like you, who is following their oun journey to ixlan.

it is imporatnt to accept that people will not undestand. you might feel angry at the people who do not understand (disconnected zombies).

eviter de deranger. pas ebranler le tonal de l'autre

mcgille's advice:
If you don't get a lot of support from your family, or if your famliy simply doesn't undertand or believe in your projects. Don't let it discurage you. Family members can't give you a good idea of the worth of your endevor. They are erither too much in admiration or to critical of your actions.

So, if you find you don't get enough support from your family, rejoice. It will force you to take your project elsewhere, and develop a tronger more resilient sense of self.

Barbara Sher's family support tips:
- Let them get mad. But stick to your guns

- Have Family goal conference

- Let them know that housework will take a beating. And that from now on, everyone willl have to chip in a little more.

- Try to share ownership of your plans

Djaimox tip:

If your stuck in a subordinant position in an authoritarian family:

Don't reveal your plans. it will only lead to greater resistance. Cultivate distretion
Try to get out of there as quickly as possible. Authoritarian environments are poisonous for inovation and creativity. Pile your money and get out.


Intensive care: helping someone stick to their goal when they find themselves in a crisis point.
Crisis point 1
At the beginning: This is all too new to you

Crisis point 2
When you have to do something you don't want to do but needs to be done in order to reach your goal.When you face the jump to a new level of risk or visibility.

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