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finding space to create

    " You have the right and the power to reshape your world to fit you "
- Barbara Sher



oranise things vertically.

work on th floor easyer to clesn up a mess

find that spot in your livving space where you enjoy sitting. make it the center poit of you creative space

set up your space so you can leave things lyin arround. having to put away stuff you re workin on makes you lose time. if your workin area ecomes too cluttered fo your liking, use vertical space to solve the prolem
I answering these questions, you might come to realize that you must reorganize your living space so you can work more effectively on your dream.

Here are pointers that have helped me organize my own space:

Look at the places where you like to work.
What's working?
What's not working?
What's essential?
What advantage do you get through organizing?
What's causing clutter?

1 Sort into categories
2 Purge. Get rid of what you don't need anymore
3 Assign a home place
4 Containerize
5 Equalize, maintain the organization system

  dinont show your working space to preople who are oseesed with cleanliness or disconected with their creativity.

these people will look at you as some kind of incuragble dity pig.

ty to limit you creative space to one room.

if you have a one room appartment. your spce will e kept off limits. invite people to a park or cofee house

discretion is a vmust
pas assez de place pour peintirer dessiner sculpter


stack vertically
work on floor so if you spoill something it is easire to clean up


Recommended readings:

Barbara Sher

Carlos Castaneda
Journey to Ixtlan

Barbara Sher

Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers
The Power of Myth