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cest qiuo le themes centrale- viktorfrankl, aikido, ma vvie,sopposer au taxeurs

top 5 comics

pyong yang
barefoot generation
lone wolf and cub

top 5 cartoons

time masters
iron giant


the w diagram:

1- H! Du.

3- Fs. Thw.



top 5 movies

star wars 4
the uysual syspects
2001 space iodessy

stuff ilike it but storywise doesnt work

star crash
dark crystal


the w diagram applied to events (event driven story):
example star wars a newe hope
1- H! Du.

3- Fs. Thw.



add a teaser at the einning of your story to show people what heiy re getting into star wars 4 opening, record of lodos war chapter1

top 10 books

anderson affair
hp lovecraft


the w diagram applied to the psychological evoltuion of a character (character driven story ):

1- H! Du.

3- Fs. Thw.

noytes: transformation en son poppose ou destruction drtragique
seed odf destruction present from the start.
seed of transformation present from the strart

point faible du personnage

montrer plustot que de le dire
le messagetheme passe atravers les gestes



blacages: i king, reves, activite phisique, meditation

top 10 books

anderson affair
hp lovecraft


take time to look at what doesnt work :

watch movie/read story that people say is bad. what makes it bad. is there anythin in waht you read saw that works. can you predict what will happen next.
is the pace too slow. are the characters interesting to follow

what is missing

just because its considered good tofday doesnt mean it will be cobsidered ood in 10 15+ years.




top 10 books

anderson affair
hp lovecraft

mytholoy links

harol pinter
woody allen


tother sources odf ispiration

wstuff that happens in the lives of preople arround me
and how they deal with what is happenning to them

crisis in my life how i overcame the crissis

people i meet who have interestin personalyty traits positive and negative

events that touch me emotionally make me angry sad happy laugh




top 5 biographies

farchipel du goulag
man in search of meaningt

etre mechan ca veut dire quoi
etre heroique ca veut dire quoi


character chart

wname, sex, age , birthdate, birthplace, nationality, spiritual beliefs, spoken languaes, feelings about politics, upper/middle/lower class, morals,amboitions, education, married/divorced/single

family background
father-profession- living or dead, mother-profession-living/dead, parents divorced/happy marriage, brothers/sisters. happy home life, interesyting information about family

phisical appearence
height, weight, eyes,hair,forehesad,jawline, lips,mouth eybrows,hands,body hatred




tnon stereotypical charters and storiest

etre mechan ca veut dire quoi
etre heroique ca veut dire quoi


chender tstereotypinghart

l'humainreduit a un reproducteur de l'espece(femme dommestique incubateur, homme fournissure de spreme (ne pas devenir l'esclave de lautre))

wboys: eat meat, dont be like agirl, dont waek pink pastel colors. don t cry be aggressive hard
yell strong ah tas peur!(t'es mou)

girl sex stupid (manque de confiance, mmince, voisx eleve bien habille->mou) bbien habille mafiozi

tes quand meme pes innocent
limage de ce que tas lair
elever des enfant avec un epais

fille: j'ai la chienne!
gars: j"ai la chienne! (la fille dis quil est mou)




what makes something look
old/new, cool/tacky, beautifull/ugly?
is it an illusion that we create in our minds?

"je suis aumonier des etudiants chinois a l'universite catholique de Louvain. Or, Tintin va partir pour la Chine. Si vous montrez les chinois comme les occidentaux se les representent encore trop souvent; si vous les montrez avec une natte qui etait, sous la dynastie mandchoue, un signe d'esclavage; si vous les montrez fourbes et cruels; si vous parlez des "suplices chinois", alors, vous allez blesser mes etudiants. De grace, soyez prudent: informez-vous..."
- Message envoyer a Herge lorsquil travaillait sur sa bd Les Lotus Bleu?

blame animated manga


???native rabbit story

tibetan proverbs untranslated

mythology: hercule type stroty->dragonball
oedipe storty je te donne la fin. c'est tellemnt invraissemblable que tu veux lire l'histoire

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Recommended readings:

James clavell

Lao tzu

yi king