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  W elcome to the nemexar achuive!
In this section, you'll find old artwork, and some information on how it all began and evolved over the years....



  Archive time line:          

2008 april 21ieme salon du livre de Québec

2008 march print 25 first pages of chapter 1

2007 november :Jobloss: store closure. Move onto employment ensurance

2005 convert nemexar back into comic book format

2004show art wortk to younger people. They think I'm working on a comic book

2004: Jobloss. Store closure. Go work for other store.

2002 decide to turn nemexar into a children story book format

2001 exposed to the succes of harry potter

2001invited to go see peter jackson's the lord of the rings

S ection III:

1999: open djaimox website (studio mufu)

1997-98 finish universtiy, enter labour market (hell)

discover kay nilsen and beardsly

1993 first drawing of khai

1993 enter fine arts program at bishop's university canada

1990: get to see some anime of the 80s and early 90s

S ection II:

der Ebene des streblichens, tief in dem maechtigsten Berg ruht das Schwert der Wahrheit unberuerht in seiner Spalte begraben. Das Boese braucht es um seine Macht ueber den Himmel zu verbreiten. Das Gute, um das Boese zurueck in die Unterwelt zu treiben Dazu muessen sie aber den gutherzigen Sterblichen erst finden. Denn nur von ihm laesst sich das Schwert befreien. Durch das Schwert wird das schreckliche Schicksal des Weltalls entscheiden...

1988 dreamriders put on hold to focus on tyronmoekron

1987: discover mangas +rediscover japanese animation

1987: the orb gets elaborted

1986: fisrt elaboration of a comic book:
the orb

1986: first drwaing of tormoraz

S ection I:

Earliest artwork related to the project. back then i called it Dream Riders..
  Archive time line:          

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