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What is

Djaimox is about
making sure creative people learn from my mistakes and success.

Djaimox is about
finding ways of maintaining life given talents.

Djaimox is about
finding ways of generating an income from life given talents.

Main Djaimox website sections:  

  DJAIMOX Workshop  

The djaimox creative workshop will give you tips on how to avoid the mistakes I have made and stuff that has helped me over the years to stay alive creatively.

  DJAIMOX Shop  

Your one stop area to purchase some of my stuff or leave a donation

  DJAIMOX Projects  

  This section covers the projects I have worked on over the years and the ones I am currently working on. Everything from comics to short films, even artwork from my childhood !


  DJAIMOX Youtube  

  This section covers all my Youtube entries.


  This section will tell you a little bit about myself, without going too much into personal details. Plus, contact information should you want to get in touch with me.

"I sincerely hope this website can be useful to you or someone you know.
Do not hesitate to link it to your website if you wish to do so. You can paste the artwork wherever you want. But I would appreciate it if you let people know that I created the art work.
Please give me proper credit for my artwork. Help me earn a living through my creativity
- Felix Quednau

Contact e-mail:

Thank you! | Merci! | Vielen dank !

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