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The Djaimox workshop

G ot a personal project you want to get underway ?
(music band, writing a book , video game,a super device that can save humanity form its own doom?)
Have trouble gettinghelp?
Your parents and /or teachers think what you're doing is crap?
Or worse yet: just a hobby ?

Well, they 're just a bunch of drysticks. Don't you let them discourage you!
The world was made a better place because a handful of "naive" and "idealistic "individuals decided to do things differently. If people laugh at you and find you weird. If you feel alone and misunderstood, that most likely means you're up to something great!
Check out this section. Maybe you'll find stuff that can help you complete your projects

Workshop sections


  - The path with a heart
- Discipline
- Discretion
- Resilience(hard times)
- Fear
- Journey to Ixtlan

  Material sanctuary
  - Finding energy to create
- Finding space to create
- Finding money to create
- Finding time to create


  Creative basics
  - Sources of Inspiration
- Inner mythology
- Brainstorming
- intuition

  Creativity workshops
  - Drawing tips
- Painting tips

- Sculpture
- Music
- Storytelling
- Character design
- Personal observations (FAQ)

- Video games
- Graphic novels

  - Eat!

- sleep
- Tips for the working poor
- Exercise (body hatred)

  Outer strength
  - Aikido
- Tai-Chi
- Bullying
- critisism, Verbal self-defence


  Inner strength
  - Meditation
- Loneliness
- Despair-busting
- I hate myself (Self-esteem)
- Addictions



Generating income from creativity
  - Math and languages
- Unswoosh everything
-The Buisness Plan (French)
- Download with a conscience

- Self publishing or publisher
- Teamwork
- YouTubeing, Internet,etc...
- Technological issues
- Copyright issues
- The Coop
- Marketing, visibility


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